Monday, August 24, 2009

Rollins Pass, 8/22/09

So on Saturday I drove up to Winter Park to check out Skyscraper Glacier at Rollins Pass. I was hoping to get some snowboarding in, but we got there late after getting lost and driving about 30 miles out of the way. The road from Winter Park is an old railroad grade, so it is a gentle, winding grade, but the road surface itself is dirt the whole way and its pretty bumpy. Anyway, it was a good scouting trip and I hope to go back this weekend and maybe in September or next spring/summer.

Some pictures...
this is the "Glacier" itself ( I don't know why this is a hyperlink)Gives an idea of what the approach is like. You can either take the ridge or hike up from the bottom. At this point it looks like the approach from below is best as there appears to be a steep drop from rock to the remaining cornice.The Basin itself is really pretty.Obligatory self portrait. Not such a great picture.I think this is King Lake.

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